Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Big Girl

Lily is getting so big, so quickly! She has started solid food at dinner time and so far she LOVES yams. I bought a variety of organic veggies and baked, pureed, and then froze them in ice cube portions. At dinner time we mix an ice cube, breast milk, and a little bit of rice cereal and she had enjoyed her "dinner" meals quite a bit. At her well baby check at the beginning of the month, she was 24 inches long, 13.9 lbs, and her head was 16 1/2 inches in circumference. She is such a happy little girl too, and she continues to delight our hearts!!


Keri said...

She is so sweet! Look at that smile! What a treasure :)

Tibbslove said...

Heather... I love that you post pics of your precious little sweetie. Thanks for sharing and hope you're doing well. Loads of love.